AGX Dynamicsがリリースされました

Patch version


  • Fix for calculating volume for triangle meshes. Now all phases use vertex 0 as origo, continuing in relative coordinates to avoid precision problems.
  • Compile fix for AGX_DEPRECATED macro.
  • Fix for building agxOSG C++ examples.
  • Fix for integer size in C#
  • Optimization for compaction agxTerrain
  • Fix for serialization of agxTerrain::Shovel in .aagx format (XML)
  • Some minor fixes in python scripts
  • Bug fix in EulerAngles assignment operator
  • Fixed dependency handling for Ubuntu installers

Detailed changes

  • 38d7d61201 Merge branch ‘fix/update-rigidbodyemitter-tutorial’ into ‘master’ Update RigidBodyEmitter Python tutorial See merge request algoryx/agx!1909
  • 604700ecaa Merge branch ‘fix/eulerAngle-equals-operator-bugg’ into ‘master’ Fix/Fix assignment bug in equal operator See merge request algoryx/agx!1905
  • 6e86da6d5e Merge branch ‘fix/linux-docs-first-application’ into ‘master’ Updated documentation for Linux-building-first-application Closes #868 See merge request algoryx/agx!1907
  • 118e7b8673 Merge branch ‘fix/better_intro_page’ into ‘master’ New more interesting intro page after installing AGX Dynamics See merge request algoryx/agx!1906
  • 5aca1a77d3 Merge branch ‘feature/conveyor-belt-momentum-api’ into ‘master’ Add ConveyorBelt to Momentum API See merge request algoryx/agx!1894
  • 136efbeb05 Merge branch ‘feature/swig-dotnet-integer-size-bug-workaround’ into ‘master’ Workaround for bug in SWIG C# generator Closes #861 See merge request algoryx/agx!1897
  • 15b4874f65 Merge branch ‘fix/rock-blaster-convex-points-api’ into ‘master’ Fixed API calls in rock_blaster.agxPy See merge request algoryx/agx!1899
  • 280bc859d2 Merge branch ‘fix/trimesh-mass-properties’ into ‘master’ Fix for how Trimesh mass properties are computed Closes #864 See merge request algoryx/agx!1896
  • 28c3b95fd2 Merge branch ‘fix/agx-deprecated-macro’ into ‘master’ Fix duplicated AGX_DEPRECATED macro See merge request algoryx/agx!1891
  • 5a79354cd8 Merge branch ‘fix/terrain-set-compaction-optimize’ into ‘master’ Optimize setCompaction in agxTerrain See merge request algoryx/agx!1889
  • 012bbd3415 Merge branch ‘fix/testing_build_installer’ into ‘master’ Testing to build sample project as part of testing the installer. See merge request algoryx/agx!1886
  • 5ebde871c1 Merge branch ‘feature/add-separate-brick-cmake-flag’ into ‘master’ Add separate cmake flag for building Brick embedding, AGX_USE_BRICK Closes #856 See merge request algoryx/agx!1884
  • 70a678483d Merge branch ‘fix/shovel-contact-threshold-aagx’ into ‘master’ Removed extra space in Shovel serialization See merge request algoryx/agx!1882
  • 650b25e064 Merge branch ‘fix/terrainpager-documentation-update’ into ‘master’ Added documentation about how to avoid Simulation update task problems when using TerrainPager See merge request algoryx/agx!1880
  • d8611d8a0a Merge branch ‘fix/APi-comment’ into ‘master’ Fix/api comment See merge request algoryx/agx!1878
  • db094cc1aa Merge branch ‘fix/terrain-materials-tutorial-fix’ into ‘master’ Fix hfIndexToPosition() in tutorial_terrain_materials.agxPy See merge request algoryx/agx!1876
  • 127130bf0f Merge branch ‘fix/cmake-global-properties’ into ‘master’ Expose some CMake variables as global properties See merge request algoryx/agx!1874