AGX Dynamicsがリリースされました

Version (2022-03-28)

Major release

New features

  • New deformable beam model supporting circular, rectangular and I-shaped beams.
  • Support for Visual Studio 2022
  • Support for Apple M1/Arm
  • Introducing a new license system
  • Python version for Windows updated to 3.9.9.


  • Refactoring of the terrain system. OpenVDB is no longer a dependency of AGX Dynamics.
  • Dropped support for Visual Studio 2015 and Ubuntu 16.
  • Fix for EulerAngles when not using default EulerConvention
  • Removed support for FMI modules using Lua.
  • New version of Assimp (5.2.1) for reading mesh files.
  • TerrainRenderer::setRenderNodes method is removed.
  • Fix for updating units/rigidbodies when adding a Actuator1DOF to a powerline.
  • Fixes for handling non-ASCII path in agxIO::FileSystem methods .
  • Stability fixes for the Simulink/Matlab plugin.
  • A rigid body is no longer disabled when removed from a simulation.
  • Added support for fracturing ( agxModel::FractureGenerator ) multiple breakable geometries in a RigidBody upon fracturing impact.
  • Updated ROS2 package to Galactic.
  • Improvements to box-box collider.
  • Improvements for Quadratic colliders (cylindrical hole, conical hole etc.)
  • HollowCylinder now using Cylinder collider for all non-quadratic shapes (Cylinder, Cone) instead of a Convex fallback.
  • agxUtil::reduceMesh is now threadsafe .
  • Added agx::Constraint::calculateNumActiveRows() which calculates the total numer of active rows in a constraint
  • GranularBodies can be made Kinematic leading to dramatic collision detection performance gains.

New examples/tutorials