AGX Dynamicsがリリースされました

Minor version

New features

  • Added Tangential restitution coefficient for ContactMaterial
  • Exposed video capture API
  • Added more control of contact material for Shovels terrain.setShovelAggregateContactMaterial agxTerrain::Shovel::ExcavationMode_DEFORM_LEFT
  • Adding store/restore of granular systems in Momentum API.
  • Adding support for Ubuntu 20.04


  • addedShipInWaterInPython.agxPy demonstrating a ship floating in water
  • granular_galton_board.agxPy uses Granular simulation to illustrate binominal distribution


  • Removed support for Ubuntu 14.04, OpenSUSE42.1

  • Reduced memory footprint for HeightField

  • Fixes for python API to reduce risk for cyclig references

  • Various fixes for WindAndWaterController including handling of disabled geometries.

  • Renamed WindAndWaterController::addFWaterFlowGenerator to WindAndWaterController::setFWaterFlowGenerator

  • Fix for agxModel::Track vs WindAndWaterController which resulted in a crash.

  • Fix for handling zero gravity in WindAndWaterController

  • Exposed WaterFlowGenerator and WindGenerator to C#

  • Improvements to quadratic colliders (HollowCylinder, HollowCone)

  • Improvements to box/cylinder collider resulting in more stable resting of a cylinder ontop of a box.

  • gcc9 warning fixes.

  • In C# agxUtil::Convert functions are moved from the agx namespace to agxUtil where it belongs.

  • Added CombustionEngine::setDisplacementVolume to be able to control displacement during runtime.

  • Fixed racecondition when creating agxSDK::Simulation for multiple threads

  • agxTerrain

    • Various improvements of agxTerrain::Terrain: Better shovel/ground force contact/force feedback
    • Improved shovel-aggregate contact calculation
    • Stability fixes for the paging terrain feature regarding material generation.
    • Fixed crasch in Terrain simulation
    • Fixed crash in Terrain rendering
    • Fix for TerrainVoxelRenderer::setColor