AGX Dynamicsがリリースされました

New features

  • LockJoint::setEnableLinearization() is moved up to the base class: agx::Constraint::setEnableLinearization(). Currently this method will only affect AngularLockJoint, LockJoint and Prismatic. For more information, see the User Manual.

  • agxTerrain has a new feature: agxTerrain.Shovel::setEnableParticleFreeDeformers(bool) which will allow for deformation of terrain (pushing) without creating particles.

  • A new .NET library agxMathDotNet is introduced. When building against the .NET library agxDotNet.dll, agxMathDotNet.dll is also required.

Changes/Fixes (Since

  • Fix for reading NAN files in .aagx archives.

  • Fix for calculating correct violation for agxPowerline::LinearActuator

For all details see: