AGX Unity 2.2.1がリリースされました




2.2.1 Changelog リンク

Known issues

  • Unity 2019.4 and newer : Installing or updating AGX Dynamics for Unity may result in an assert in the Unity Editor and the Toolbar to be blank. To recover the Toolbar, it’s often enough to either restart Unity or trigger a compilation by editing a script. Unity has been contacted and we’ll hopefully resolve this issue as soon as possible.


  • Added support for Unicode characters in collision group names. (18f9db4)
  • Improved re-import of models to support change of shape type with preserved UUID. (b734616)
  • Fix so that Hierarchy context menu Create Shape Visual in children always validates to true for Unity versions 2019.4 and newer. This selection was always inactive in earlier versions of AGX Dynamics for Unity (inside Unity 2019.4 and newer). (cd2a38d)
  • Improved raycasts (used by Tools) of shapes and meshes with scales in their hierarchy. (55085fa)


新しいデモ: 垂直多関節ロボット